“Alexa, play me an advert…”
Ok, perhaps that’s a little extreme but the next big advertising platform is seen as voice-activated ads. 

According to some recent research by Jupiter Research, approximately 8 billion digital voice assistance such as Amazon’s Alex, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, will in homes and offices around the world by 2023. An increase from 2.5 billion assistants used in 2018.

The use of digital assistants will give brands and audio platforms the ability to tailor ads and content to specific users.

For example, to engage or interact with an ad, a user would simply need to say “yes” to hear additional content or information.

If the user doesn’t reply or says “no,” the music or podcast will continue.

Spotify is currently testing voice-interactive ads that promote content on its app. Spotify’s first voice-enabled ad brought listeners to the podcast “Stay Free: The Story of the Clash.”

The user is promoted in the ad to say “play now” which will activate the podcast to be played immediately.

Are voice-activated ads the next big development in audio advertising? Let me know in the comments section.