marketing study conducted in 2019 and published earlier this year revealed that branded podcasts were more effective in generating engagement than the radio was.

The engagement rate of the listeners reached 0.78 percent during the brand advertising in the podcast, while the advertising broadcasted by the radio produce a lower engagement rate at 0.53 percent.

In a similar report looking into how likely podcast listeners are to research a brand they heard on a podcast, roughly two thirds had researched or would potentially research a brand discussed

While through podcast advertising, 38 percent would not research the brand, but over a third had done so at least once before.

With podcast listenership and advertising opportunities continuing to rise, it looks like 2021 will see given more growth.

Among the 215 manager-level and above employees at media agencies and advertisers, 78 percent answered that they will be increasing spending on music and digital radio campaigns. Another 75 percent would enlarge their investment on podcast ads.