Nectar believes that better sleep makes all the difference. That’s why their driving mission is to give their customers the best rest, night after night. Their company motto is to work hard, have fun, and sleep deep.

We helped Nectar create an audio advertising series that reminded their listeners just how important they’d found their mattress throughout 2020, and the value of investing in a better night’s sleep.

Nectar came to us to produce a series of ads to run in January 2021. They wanted to reach an audience that was considering a new mattress for a new year, and for them to consider the mental and physical benefits of a great night’s sleep. The ads also needed to communicate Nectar’s fun and cheeky tone of voice.

We worked with them to create a set of ads that referenced the sheer amount of time people had spent in bed during 2020, promoted their January sales, and encouraged their listeners to work towards a sleep health goal for the new year. Using a mix of male and female voiceovers and spatial sound design these ads put the listener in the centre of each of these scenarios, making them feel like they were part of it.

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