We worked with Spotify to create a series of contextually-relevant voiceover ads that showed their listeners the value and benefits of a premium Spotify subscription—and did so in a human, non-salesy way.

Spotify is the world’s biggest music platform, streaming music and podcasts to over 345 million users.

We work with Spotify to create their branded ads in the UK and Ireland, that they use to convert free users to premium subscribers. 

The brief from Spotify was to create contextually relevant ads that play amongst music playlists demonstrating to listeners the benefits of subscribing. Working with their creative team, we cast a series of voiceovers in line with Spotify’s audio brand guidelines, sourced relevant music, and produced audio ads that highlighted the benefits of a premium subscription. 

These ads were delivered in a non-salesy, conversational style in keeping with the tone of the Spotify brand.

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