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Music Lovers Community spreading awareness of Mental Health

With this week being ‘Mental Health Awareness’ Week it seems an ideal opportunity to showcase the incredible work being done by our friends at We are Hummingbird.

We are Hummingbird is a community of music lovers, who have united to spread awareness of Mental Health by using music as a platform to encourage people to open up and engage in conversation.

“We aren’t afraid to tackle the stigma head-on and fight every day to reach those demographics who may feel they have no voice or support to turn to. Each and every one of us is an individual and we all deserve the chance to discuss our mental health regardless of our realities or background. Music brings us all together,” says Ian Hurst from We are Hummingbird.

“Working with a great organisation such as We are Hummingbird is really important to all of us at Creative Fix. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a Mental Health issue each year so if we can reduce those numbers through using music, why wouldn’t we get involved?” explains Creative Director, Aaron Matthews. 

As part of the creative collaboration, we have created a series of ads with tips about how as a nation as well as individuals can look after our Mental Health, you can view an example here.

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