Spotify has announced this month they will be creating three human-curated podcast playlists on their platform to help listeners discover more podcasts. 

It will also benefit podcasters trying to reach new audiences and is set to be rolled out initially in the USA, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and the UK.

The three playlists, named ‘Best Podcasts of the Week’, ‘Brain Snacks’ and ‘Crime Scene’ will update weekly and will be curated based in each location.

Spotify’s Global Head of Studios, Courtney Holt told The Verge that this introduction was aimed at ‘building a habit around listening to podcasts on Spotify’.

There’s more good news for podcast creators as Spotify will notify producers when their podcast is included in any of the weekly playlists.

“The goal is to highlight the industry,” explained Holt. 

“So I think the more we do that, the better it is for everybody.”

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