We give brands a sound.

Our audio advertising can be heard globally, from London to LA and Sydney to Singapore. We’re giving brands a sound worldwide on a variety of digital streaming platforms.

Our approach is simple, to produce great quality audio advertising by working with a diverse range of voice overs, talented script writers and music composers.

We are audio first focused.

Now is the time to be heard.

Digital audio is booming and is only going to get bigger.

Audio adverts in podcast generate up to 4.4X better brand recall than display ads on other digital media platforms.

Creative Fix is future focused and we love nothing more than using the latest tech to take our clients audio branding to the next level. Our team are audio experts.

Audio Advertising

We believe the ads you hear in the middle of your podcast should be as good as the content. We have a fresh approach to audio advertising

With the mix of a great script, quality voiceover and carefully considered music, we can create a targeted message that hits the right note for your brand.

Dynamic Audio Ads

Imagine listening to your favourite podcast and you hear an advert that is relevant to you.

Dynamic ads use data like location, age, gender, time of day and weather, to give the listener a more personalised ad experience.


Over 80% of people listen to digital audio via headphones giving us their undivided attention.

This allows us to create unique binaural audio ads, a recording technique where sound can be heard in 360 degrees.

Think cinematic sound for your brand!

Live Events

We create, build and manage live audio events such as live podcast recording, publication and product activations, conferences, seminars and expos.

Capturing audio from a live events bring your brand to life. It enables content to live on, reaching a wider audience.

What makes us unique?

Our team is made up of audio producers, technicians, copywriters, music composers and sound wizards! We know how get a great idea off the page and into your ears.

The Creative Fix is focused, fresh and up for the challenge. We believe in strong relationships with our clients so we can really understand their needs.

We love getting people excited about audio and the many ways it can be used. Our clients trust us as the audio experts.


Now is the time to be heard, talk to us about how we can give your brand a sound.