We helped Tourism New Zealand use innovative spacial sound design to create immersive soundscapes that showcase the experience audiences can have in New Zealand.

Tourism New Zealand is the organisation responsible for marketing New Zealand to the world as an exciting tourist destination, using their world-famous 100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign.

As travel restrictions begin to lift around the world, Tourism New Zealand wanted to encourage Australian audiences to consider a trip to New Zealand. The aim was to take them from simply imagining their dream trip to New Zealand, and move them into planning, booking, and making it a reality.

So the ads needed to showcase the world-renowned beauty and adventure opportunities New Zealand has to offer, while reflecting the warmth and hospitality the Kiwi people show the tourists who visit them.

Creative Fix brought these locations to life using innovative spatial sound design, immersing listeners in these places through expertly curated soundscapes: think the sound of waterfalls crashing around you as you paddle your kayak through the Mossy Ravine; the melodic sounds of native birdsong. Coupled with a specially-crafted script and a warm, welcoming local voiceover, the ads communicated the authentic and unique New Zealand experience.

These ads were re-licenced in four countries, including being re-voiced for the Japanese market.

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