New figures released by Nielson last month, show that the continuing tech developments in the smartphone industry have aided the popularity and rise of podcasts.

Asked ‘In the past 30 days, which device have you used to listen or download a podcast on?’ 23.9 per cent answered a ‘smartphone’.

This figure has increased by 157% since 2014.

Coming in behind smartphones were computer (10.4%), tablet (5%) and finally other device (1.7).

Not only has smartphone hardware paved the way for podcasts to gain popularity, the platforms and software where listeners can listen, download or discover new podcasts have increased and become more diverse.

60% of the globe’s podcast shows are estimated to be downable from Apple while 43% of the podcast fans asked by Expanded Ramblings used Spotify to listen to podcasts.

In addition to smartphones, other research from Convince & Convert discovered 39% of smart-speaker owners listen to podcasts at least once a week on their device an 10% increase from the previous year.