Spotify has this weekend launched its Podcast Subscriptions to all podcast creators in the US.

The service has been successfully tested by a small number of creators earlier in the year, but this week has seen the major rollout.

Through Spotify’s podcast creation tool Anchor, podcasters of all sizes will now be able to mark select episodes as subscriber-only content, then publish them to Spotify and other platforms.

According to Spotify since the launch, more than 100 podcasts have added a subscription option for listeners. Based on the early feedback from these creators, Spotify is now making a couple of key changes to both pricing and functionality as the service becomes more widely available.

Before, creators could choose between one of three pre-selected price points however creators can now choose between 20 options, starting as low as $0.49 and then increasing all the way up to $150.

Also available to podcast creators will be the to download a list of contact addresses for their subscribers. This allows them to further engage with their subscriber base to offer them more benefits and engagements.

The company says it will rollout access to international customers from 15 September with international listeners gaining access to subscriber-only content and creators gaining access to the Podcast Subscriptions platform soon after.