A recent article by the Robb Report has investigated ‘How Sound Became One of Luxury’s Most Powerful Tools’, exploring how brands such as Rolls Royce, Moët and Harrod’s have used new and emerging audio techniques to further their customers experience while driving purchases and sales.

Take Harrods for example who recently commissioned a sonic-branding consultancy agency to complete an audio audit and overhaul of all audio throughout the multi-department store.

“Every department was playing unrelated audio,” revealed Fran Board, The Sound Agency’s creative director. “There were clashes…. It was not communicating Harrods’ brand and quality.”

The agency installed a series of sound-scapes, “ambient background sounds” that, “do not distract you in the way that music might.” In the glassware department, the agency recorded the melodic tones made by the various vases and decanters themselves and used them to create a soundtrack. Now customers peruse sets of crystal tumblers while listening to “the manipulated sounds of glass,”.

“Soundscapes make people feel happier, calmer and more relaxed,” continued Fran. “People enjoy their experience and are more likely to come back. Chances are that will have an impact on the bottom line.”

You read more of the long read article by Lucy Alexander for the Robb Report here.